About Us

Lirio Shipping Lines Incorporated is a company whose main thrust is LCT barge chartering. From initially servicing LCT cargo barges for chartering focused on the mining industry, LSLI has branched out to ship management of various vessels.

The company was incorporated and was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 29, 2009 with Registration Number CS200931217 to primarily engage in domestic cargo shipping, ship management freight, lighterage, charter and related operations.

The first family business was Lirio Enterprises, Inc. which was a salt trading concern started by brothers Richard E. Lim and Lucio E. Lim, Jr.

The name Lirio was derived from the family names of the founders parents. “LIM” and “ENERIO”. This name was a personal choice of the family’s matriarch, Dona Filomena Enerio vda. de Lim.

Later, Lirio Enterprises changed to Artemis Salt Corp. now solely owned by Richard. Lite Shipping Corporation and Lirio Shipping Lines Inc. are solely handled by the management team of Lite Holdings Group of Companies of Lucio, Jr.

Being an affiliate of Lite Shipping Corporation, which is backed by 25 years of shipping experience, Lirio Shipping Inc. is now poised to handle ship management for bigger fleets.

LSLI is proud of a dedicated and qualified management team.

The present enhanced charter services is geared towards strictly monitoring operations of all types of ships and services:

Preventive Maintenance System

Dry-docking Services

Quality Assurance Management

Safety & Environmental Management

Security Management

Risk Management


Emergency Responses

Prompt responses to Concerns

A professional globally accepted recruitment and selection process requires all the employees to pass computer-based examinations, the Competence Evaluation for Seafarers (CES 5.0) and Ability Profiling Program (APRO) He/she should have English Proficiency as well as pass through a rigorous interview process with Captains and Chief Engineers and Principal interviews.

The company thrust strives to be the Total Solutions Provider in Ship Management, to make sure all vessels have Marine and Hull Insurance and institute well-planned Maintenance Systems to ensure high performance.

Furthermore, current partnerships with foreign vessel owners in Asia have proven to be thriving and effective.

The company’s Crew Management Package includes:

Recruitment and Selection

Crew Documents Processing

Training and Upgrading

Travel Services

Accounting and Payroll Services

Crewing Support and Family Services

LSLI services will surely benefit Vessel Owners.  The advantages from LSLI’s services would be: Cost Savings in operational and fuel expenses

Vessel Operational Efficiency, Minimizing Risk in Operations guided by ISM with world-class manuals and fully outsourced crew and technical managers under Vessel Owner’s Document of Compliance (DOC).

In the future, Lirio Shipping Lines Inc. (LSLI) is aims to be the dominant player in LCT barge chartering and ship management in the Visayas and Mindanao area. Dedication, knowledge, competency means safe and smooth fleet servicing. Making things possible.

The management team is led by Raymund L. Revilles who possesses extensive shipping experience in the business. He worked his way up from being the Manila Liaison Officer for Lite Holdings Companies, particularly for Manila Heavy Equipment’s mining concerns, till he achieved his current position as Assistant Vice President for Materials Management with Lite Shipping Corporation, at the same time managed FAL Shipping Corporation, the now defunct joint venture with Adnama Mining Corporation.


Management Inclusions

  • Crewing/ Manning Supply and Mangement
  • Assist in fuel procurement at minimum possible cost
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Assist in arranging of dry-docking area with minimum cost
  • Daily vessel monitoring
  • Liaison and documentations for government agencies
  • Accounting (Monthly Revenue and Expenses Statement)
  • Technical and Safety Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Insurance and Claims Handling


Chairman Lucio E. Lim Jr.
President Raymund Lim Revilles
Corporate Secretary Rochelle Brigitte L. Imboy
Treasurer Joseph T. Ontina
Operations Manager Joseph T. Ontina
Member Oliver L. Rizalde