The name “LIRIO” was derived from our grandparents family names “LIM” and “ENERIO” and was personally chosen by our grandmother Dona Filomena Enerio Vda. Lim in naming our first family business in 1984 which was salt trading and was started by our uncles LUCIO E. LIM JR. and RICHARD E. LIM. The first company was named LIRIO ENTERPRISES, INC.

LIRIO SHIPPING LINES INC. will be managed by LITE SHIPPING CORPORATION under a management consultancy agreement and will be handled by two of the most trusted and aggressive nephews namely JONATHAN LIM IMBOY, a B.S.B.A Major in Management graduate at San Carlos University and has started working for LITE since first year college (currently with Lite Shipping Corporation AVP – MARKETING) and RAYMUND LIM REVILLES, a B.S.B.A Major in Management graduate at Philippine School of Business Administration in Quezon City and is also the AVP for Material Management Department of LITE and the Marketing Manager for Mining and Barging (currently handling FAL SHIPPING CORPORATION who is into hauling of nickel, coal, aggregates).

The company was incorporated on August 2009 and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 29, 2009 with Registration Number CS200931217 to primarily engage in domestic cargo shipping, freight, lighterage, charter and related operations within the lawful commerce of man.