Our Engagements

Mining Products

Mining industry has grown so well and this was made more possible because of shipping companies like us, who transport their products to different destinations in the country. Lirio Shipping lines is trusted  by mining companies in hauling and shipping coal, nickel, iron ore, chromites and other mineral ores in Surigao, Bislig, Toledo and Palawan.






Agricultural Products

Filipinos’ primary source of living is in agriculture. And the archipelagic location of country limits our growth specially in farming industry. The transportation of goods from one province/island to another is greatly helped and made possible by cargo shipping lines. The company is one of the leading entities in cargo shipping of rice, salt, fertilizers and copra. Its vessels have reached as far as Bacolod, Iloilo, Zamboanga, North Harbour, Mindoro, Leyte and Samar.